Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sleep Training (our way)

Last night Kinsey and I (yes I say I, because I am also being trained in her new sleep habits) began our own little version of sleep training. She is 11 weeks now, and outgrowing her bassinet. Now if I had it my way, which I don't, Kinsey would sleep in bed with me and hubby until shes big enough to squirm all night long. But because that's not the safest way to sleep, and I am constantly waking up in fear I have rolled on her the few times I have pulled her into our bed (out of tiredness and laziness) I decided it was time to move her into her room.

For our first day in our big girl crib, I think it went well! 2 naps in there about 45 min long (which is long for her) and then came bed time! I moved her bed time a little later which started with a bath at 7:45. A long bath actually with her playing and splashing as normal. We went upstairs got dressed, sat in the rocker and she nursed on both sides. I then placed her in her crib, turned on her fisher-price soothing sounds seahorse and left the room. Out of the two of us, she did the best! I was a nervous wreck! "What if I didn't hear her, what if the monitor didn't go off, what if she stopped breathing!?" It was horrible! Luckily my amazing in-laws got the the angelcare monitor with the movement sensor pad! Placed under her mattress, it detects the slightest movement and goes off if she doesn't breathe after 20 seconds! AMAZING! Once I finally fell asleep around 11:15, she woke up at 11:45, and just like everyone said, I heard her!! yay! After that, she woke up at 2:15, 4am, 5:15 and then 6am. Each time she either wanted to eat or wanted her boppy (paci). Not bad for our first time! Hopefully tonight goes better!

Until then,

Kinsey's love and mine!


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