Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The One with the Crinkle Nose

Lately Kinsey has been coming up with some of the cutest and craziest faces!! Some make me laugh so hard and she realizes that she's being funny and she keeps doing it!! I just love what a ham she is!!

Gama calls this her Crinkle Nose!! She is such a cutie! I love her so much!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Monday, September 17, 2012

The One About Crawling

Well today Kinsey made some progress in her crawling!!! She was able to get on her hands and knees and rock back and fourth a little until she lunged forward. Until today, I was set on the fact that my daughter would never crawl. She has always been more interested in standing and attempting to walk then laying on her belly struggling to crawl. I just thought she was one of those babies that skipped crawling altogether. She has learned to roll in whatever direction she wished to go, so she had no use for crawling (other than the fact that her mommy and daddy want her to so badly!).

Kinsey's love and mine,


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The One About My Birthday

Saturday was my 23rd Birthday!! It was my first birthday as Mommy and I saw everything different!! Now that I have given birth to my own amazing daughter, I have a much better appreciate for the BIRTH in birthday. 23 years ago yesterday, my mom gave birth to me. She is the best mom in the world. She is strong and independent and a great example of waking with Christ even when the going gets tough. We spent Saturday with Michael's family and today with mine. It was really important to me that I didn't feel rushed with either family.

Saturday I woke up to my smiling little girl!!  We spent some time at my mom's house and then we went to McKinney for the evening. MamMaw made Roast, Potatoes, and Carrots for dinner. She even set Kinsey a place at the table with a small plate and utensils!! When it was time to open presents, I got some baby gates!! YAY!!! I also got some things to help me get back to working out (clothes, socks, cool shoes, headphones), 2 charms for my charm bracelet from my hubby and baby girl, and movies for Kinsey to watch while I'm doing homework!! It was a great way to spend my birthday, with all of my family!!!

 This is how I woke up to her... Houdini got her arm out of her pajamas!!
 Playing with Daddy while mommy opened presents!
Birthday's are tiring!!!

Today I woke up to my smiling girl!! (as always) My step- dad came over and gave me a jogging stroller!! YAY!! I can't wait for this rain to stop so I can use it!! Then we went to my mom's house to celebrate my birthday! We watched football, ate Pork Chops and rice and homemade cake, and just enjoyed each others company. I got some comfy clothes for school and some precious memories of how big my sweet girl was this year!!! It was a great day of football and family fun!!

 Molds of Kinsey's hand and foot
Kinsey's hand and foot print!!

I had a great birthday!! Next birthday in the family is my mom and then Kinsey!!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The One About Our Silly Daddy!!

Typically the Hubby is off one, maybe two, days a week. And with me starting back to school, I see him even less. Well with the opening of the new restaurant at the Hilton, he got 4 days off in a row this week!! It was so nice to be able to spend time with him and the baby together as a family. He is building such a strong relationship with her, it is just amazing to see how close they are becoming. He can now do almost everything I can (except nurse her haha). She is constantly saying "Dada Dada" and it just puts the biggest smile on his face. This weekend I was able to catch some pretty funny shots of Daddy trying to make Kinsey happy. She already has him wrapped around her tiny finger!

 "Um dad, get out of my house"
 At this point he is stuck in her house...
 She was having a hard time sleeping, so he got in the bed with her!!
"Um dad get out of my bed..."

Tomorrow Kinsey and I are going to our first funeral. My stepdad's mom died (Grandy) so we are going to say our goodbyes and be there for her Pop Pop.

Kinsey's love and mine,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The One About September 11th

It remember it like it was yesterday, it's amazing it's been 11 years. I was in the 6th grade, about to turn 13, at Coppell Middle School West. I had just gotten out of 3rd period P.E and heard everyone talking about these towers being hit. I had no idea what the Twin Towers were so I kept going on with my day. During fourth period English the principal came onto the intercom and announced that New York City had been attacked by hijacked planes. We instantly looked to our teacher to see how to react. She turned the T.V on and let us watch the news. That whole day was focused on the events that had happened. Kids were being pulled out of school, lessons were postponed, and there was a silence about the school. 

As a selfish 12 (almost 13) year old, the first thing I thought was "how is this going to effect my birthday". My Thirteenth birthday was planned at the Embassy Sweets in Grapevine, just down the road from the Dallas/Fort. Worth Airport. When we went up there to confirm our reservation, they told us the hotel was booked due to the attacks on the Twin Towers. I was angry, they had ruined my birthday.

Looking back on that day I can see what a total selfish brat I was. Here were these people who had gone to work like any other day, and they died. Their families lost them forever and I was worried about my birthday. Birthday's come and go, but those people lost their lives. 

Now that I am a mother, I think of this day so differently. Kinsey has yet to experience something so full of hatred and is still so innocent. She still believes the good in people and only has good experiences. I hope she never has to go through something like the families involved in September, 11 did. It is my hope that she lives a life full of happiness.

My patriotic little angel

God Bless our Troops and those that lost their lives in this tragic event!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time flies

I thought I'd look back at some of the other pictures I've had taken of Kinsey since she was born. It's amazing how much she has changed since she was born! She has been such a joy to raise and I can't wait to see what excitement she will bring in the future!
Still in Mommy's Tummy
The day she was born!!
Just a few days old!!
3 Months old!
6 Months old!!

I just love her so much!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


The One About Kinsey's 6 Month Pics

The lovely Kindra Woods (check her out on facebook Kindra Woods Photography) took Kinsey's 6 month pictures just before she turned 7 months old. Here are a few of my favorites!! 

She is just a little ham!! :) She is typically more cooperative and we get more smiles, but I think they turned out good!

The One About Kinsey Sitters!

Going to back to school was a hard decision to make after being fortunate enough to stay home with my baby girl all day every day. The only thing that made things a little easier was the fact that I had tons of Kinsey sitters! Michael gets morning duty while I'm in class Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Aunt Ashley and Gama (my mom) get her Tuesday nights and Nana (Michael's mom) and MamMaw (Michael's Grandma) come over Thursday nights. I never have to worry that she's not being taken care of. It is such a relief to know my sweet girl is with people that care about her while I finish my degree! I love looking at my phone and seeing pictures my "sitters" have sent me!

Kinsey loves spending time with her Aunt Ashley, Gama, and Kenna! She even got to take a bath with her cousin Kenna!

Spending time in the kitchen with my Nana and MamMaw!! I love my Jingle Bell!

Kinsey's love and mine,