Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The One About School and Sippy Cups!

As I'm sure many of you know, I took a year off at Baylor to finish out my pregnancy and to take care of Kinsey Brynn! It was so hard to see all of my Theta sisters celebrating their last formal and their last crush. As well as see all of my classmates graduate from college and begin their careers as teachers or move on to Grad school! I had many people remind me what a blessing Kinsey is and how God's plan is ultimately better for us than the plan of our own. I wouldn't change being a mom for the world! She is the light of my life and such a joy to spend all of my time with! (same goes with being a wife) I did decide after much debate that it would be better for my family for me to transfer to University of North Texas to finish out my undergraduate degree, and as of today, I am officially a student again! I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety about the big change, but I put it on God's hands. 

I was dealt a very difficult hand of cards this morning while trying to step out of my comfort zone of the "Baylor Bubble". I got stuck in traffic, lost my schedule, went to the wrong building, and was late for my first class. Not to mention my second class was on the opposite side of campus and I only had 10 minutes. I tried to take each event with a grain of salt determined not to let Satan bring me down from pursuing God's plan. I feel called to teach and to serve Him in the classroom, and there was nothing Satan was going to put in my way that would keep from from doing His will. Overall, it was a good day! It felt so good to be back in school with my thinking cap on!

When I got home and was organizing my planner, Kinsey was drinking from her sippy cup! She has had a sippy cup every day for a while now, but never got the concept of tipping it to drink, someone always had to do it for her. Well today she did it! She was sitting down and when I looked back at her, she had laid herself down and was drinking her juice (with water)! I was so proud! 

This is how I found her after I left to go to the bathroom. She had wanted to play with that toy so much but couldn't figure out how to pull up on it, that she just tipped it over... little stinker! :) 

Tomorrow I have class from 5-6:30 so her Nana is coming to watch her! I am so excited she and my mom will each get their own day every week with her! :) 

Kinsey's love and mine,


Monday, August 27, 2012

The One with the Books and Cabinets

There are two things that worry me as a parent:
1. Not reading to her enough and her hating books
2. Not baby proofing enough and her getting hurt

Until now, we have read a story or two at night and she hasn't really shown any interest. Today she grabbed Hop On Pop and held on for dear life! So we took it from her room so she could play with it downstairs. She log rolls to get from one place to another now, and she brought her book with her, it was the cutest thing.

Today she also cruised along in her walker while we were all three in the kitchen. Well she found the cabinets.... and the trash can. The majority of our cabinets are baby-proofed from the previous owners. Michael is impatient however, and has ripped off a small amount of them. The cabinets she found were ones he had broken. Luckily, she was in her walker and couldn't open the cabinets very far, but it still scared me. So after snapping a few pics {DUH!} I moved her away. 

Needless to say, we will be getting more books and more things baby-proof!! I've been having anxiety about her falling down the stairs anyways (even though she can't crawl yet), so it must be time!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The One with All the Pictures

I've been really excited about breaking out my "big" camera and taking pics of Kinsey. I finally went to Best Buy and got a charger for the battery and began playing around this morning. I am still learning how to do all the cool things the camera can do, but I think I got some good shots! I am hoping to take her 7 month pictures either Monday or Tuesday. I will do an update on her and stuff on one of those days!

 I LOVE her eyes in this one!
 My sweet Girl!
 Hands are always in her mouth!

 I took her brush away... I will never do that again!!!
 Standing to play in her new favorite thing!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Standing Strong!

Today Aug. 23,  2012, my sweet Kinsey Brynn stood up all by herself!! She can't quite pull herself up to standing position yet, but if I put her on her feet and let her hold on to something, she can stand for a long time! (unless she lets go with both hands, or gets really excited and waves her hands!)

 "Look mom! One Hand!!"

 Playing with her Leap Frog Stand up Toy!
Watching the water fill up in the tub!

Now that she can stand, she can play with so many more toys and things! I think she will be walking before she crawls... I guess we will see!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stay at Home Dad!

There are times we barely get to see our Daddy! He is working so hard to provide everything we want and need!! That just makes it even special when he gets to spend a whole day with us!! When I had my Scentsy event that took almost a week, he got to watch Kinsey and spend some quality time with her!! Now she is even more of a Daddy's girl! :) 

They like to sleep a lot if you can't tell! :) And she loves to sing in church!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mid-Week Catch up!!

This week has been a crazy one!! I have a week long Scentsy Event in Frisco that has been taking up a lot of my time.  I have learned a lot about selling the product in a different setting as well as the craziness behind consigning.

Tuesday- Michael, the baby and I went to set up at the Frisco Discovery Center. I had no idea what to expect. This was my first event alone, and even with all of the planning, packing, and preparing, I knew there was things I would forget! It was crazy!! A ton (and I mean a ton) of clothes, baby items, toys, movies, strollers, potties, you name it was all organized by item all over this event center! When I found my booth space, I set up with Michael's help and then we went to lunch! I had that day all on my own and I had so much fun! Although I missed my girl so much, it was good to give Micahel a chance to keep her! (I'll post more about that tomorrow!) Those consigning moms are crazy! Boy do I have a lot to learn. One of the moms had an extra shop early pass so she gave it to me!!! I was so greatful! I was able to get a lot of really nice things for next to nothing. No wonder this event was such a hit! I got her 3 holiday dresses, a stand up toy, a bath ring, a set of blocks, a crib toy, and a pop up toy for 60 dollars!! Did I mention, her dresses were smocked and one was rare editions!?!? Crazy right!? 

 All of the clothes!!
 More stuff!!
My first booth alone! :)
Getting ready to hang out with Daddy!!!

Wednesday- Michael had to work, so I brought the baby with me to the event! I was so grateful that I was able to bring her with me. Everyone there loved her. They would walk by my booth and she would just smile at them, wave and say hi! It was the cutest thing! I think she helped my sales because they doubled from the day before. I loved being able to work and be mom at the same time. It just confirmed why I love selling Scentsy so much!!! Michael bought her a Jumparoo when he came to visit before work. It was nice to be able to put her in it, while I was working with customers! 

Playing in her new toy!
 Playing in her stroller! (I didn't have to worry about her falling on the concrete this way)
Sitting in her new bath ring! :)

Thursday- I brought the baby with me again today! It was a slower day so I was able to really get on the floor and play with her like I do at home. Kinsey's Aunt Ashley and Cousin Kenna visited us again today. She loves her Aunt Ashley and it was nice to have the company. Today Kinsey really started talking!! She can all of a sudden babble so many different consonants. She can say babababa, dadadada and gagagaga. Today when we got home, she was talking and when I looked at her, she would stop. As soon as I looked away, she would start again! It was the funniest thing.

 How she napped today
She took her ponytail and bow out and was proud of it!

Whew.. sorry this was so long! 

Tomorrow Kinsey will stay with her daddy in the afternoon/evening again while I work my booth!

Kinsey's love and mine,


Monday, August 13, 2012

Manic Monday!

Today was so crazy I hardly took any pictures of my sweet girl! We hung out with Daddy until he went to work, then we ran a bunch of errands. We delivered some Scentsy to our loyal customers, visited an old high school friend, and paid the water bill! :) It was a lot of driving around, but Kinsey has started singing in the car, so I kind of enjoy our car time! She took some good naps today and we overall had a good day!

Here she is "helping" me tie ribbons on my goodie bags for my Scentsy event! (She was very supervised with these)

Tomorrow she is spending the day with Daddy while I go work the first day of my Scentsy event... I will get pictures from him to post! :)

Kinsey's love and mine,


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy Bees!!

This weekend we were busy little bees!! We spent a lot of time with family and friends and got some things done around the house! 

Saturday we went to Nate's 4th Birthday party! It was a truck theme and Kinsey got her own truck!! He had a bounce house, so when all of the kiddos were inside doing cake and presents, Daddy took her outside to jump around a little! To say she liked it, is an understatement!! She LOVED it!! They didn't get to stay long because the little ones came running as soon as they could, but I'm glad she got to experience it! On our way home, we stopped and saw MamMaw, Nana and Papa. She got to play MamMaw's Organ and had a blast. Then Daddy gave us a little treat and played a song or two! After Kinsey took a two hour nap (which hasn't happened since she was 2 months old) we went to Gama's house and swam with our cousin Kenna! I am so glad she loves the water! Our Daddy surprised us and got off work early, so we went and met him at our favorite place, BJ's!! :)

 She looks so big here!!
Bouncing with Daddy!
 Playing the Organ!
"Oh wait, there are keys up here?"
 Swimming with Gama!
 Sitting by herself outside! :)
We loved our surprise Daddy!

On Sunday Kinsey had a bad belly ache. She spent the morning sleeping, while the Hubs and I cleaned the bathroom. It was nice to have some help! She's been so needy lately with her teeth and her shots, and now her tummy. I love getting to cuddle her because I know one day she won't let me, but I have been getting nothing done! He was a great help today while I was taking care of her and getting some of my school stuff taken care of! Her Aunt Ashley came over today and had "Linner" with us. They got to play while I made our food. Later this evening we went to Target to get some stuff for my Scentsy event this week. She has been having a hard time going to sleep lately, so she is awake as I type this... (little stinker). 

 Not feeling good!
 Hmm.. Which toy do I play with?
 This is how you are supposed to sit in it mom! (no matter how many times I sat her back up, she laid like this, so I just let her)

This week she will spend time with tons of family while I work my Scentsy event! Her dad is getting some one on one time with her, which is great!

Kinsey's love and mine,