Thursday, August 2, 2012

Typical Thursday!

Apart from teething, we had a pretty typical Thursday! Daddy is still off from work, so it was nice to spend time with him! 
 She was able to wear a 3-6 month dress today! The bloomers were a little big, but it's progress! My little girl is just tiny :)

After a long day of playing and trying to crawl, she just laid her head down. She kept doing this all day! She was being so sweet today too! She would just lay her head on my shoulder then pick her head up and look at me. She did the same with Daddy too! 

She started fully standing up and walking forward in her walker today! We even had to move it up so she could walk better! Michael likes to put her in the walker while he cooks in the kitchen. 

Here is her towel a friend of my mom's had made for her when she was born! I have this hanging in her bathroom as decoration, but I forgot a hooded towel tonight so I used this one! It made for a great photo op! 

I will be so glad when this tooth comes through. Poor kid is in pain all the time it seems like! Tomorrow we are going to see Michael's family! Kinsey just loves seeing her Nana and MamMaw!!

Kinsey's love and mine,


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