Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mid-Week Catch up!!

This week has been a crazy one!! I have a week long Scentsy Event in Frisco that has been taking up a lot of my time.  I have learned a lot about selling the product in a different setting as well as the craziness behind consigning.

Tuesday- Michael, the baby and I went to set up at the Frisco Discovery Center. I had no idea what to expect. This was my first event alone, and even with all of the planning, packing, and preparing, I knew there was things I would forget! It was crazy!! A ton (and I mean a ton) of clothes, baby items, toys, movies, strollers, potties, you name it was all organized by item all over this event center! When I found my booth space, I set up with Michael's help and then we went to lunch! I had that day all on my own and I had so much fun! Although I missed my girl so much, it was good to give Micahel a chance to keep her! (I'll post more about that tomorrow!) Those consigning moms are crazy! Boy do I have a lot to learn. One of the moms had an extra shop early pass so she gave it to me!!! I was so greatful! I was able to get a lot of really nice things for next to nothing. No wonder this event was such a hit! I got her 3 holiday dresses, a stand up toy, a bath ring, a set of blocks, a crib toy, and a pop up toy for 60 dollars!! Did I mention, her dresses were smocked and one was rare editions!?!? Crazy right!? 

 All of the clothes!!
 More stuff!!
My first booth alone! :)
Getting ready to hang out with Daddy!!!

Wednesday- Michael had to work, so I brought the baby with me to the event! I was so grateful that I was able to bring her with me. Everyone there loved her. They would walk by my booth and she would just smile at them, wave and say hi! It was the cutest thing! I think she helped my sales because they doubled from the day before. I loved being able to work and be mom at the same time. It just confirmed why I love selling Scentsy so much!!! Michael bought her a Jumparoo when he came to visit before work. It was nice to be able to put her in it, while I was working with customers! 

Playing in her new toy!
 Playing in her stroller! (I didn't have to worry about her falling on the concrete this way)
Sitting in her new bath ring! :)

Thursday- I brought the baby with me again today! It was a slower day so I was able to really get on the floor and play with her like I do at home. Kinsey's Aunt Ashley and Cousin Kenna visited us again today. She loves her Aunt Ashley and it was nice to have the company. Today Kinsey really started talking!! She can all of a sudden babble so many different consonants. She can say babababa, dadadada and gagagaga. Today when we got home, she was talking and when I looked at her, she would stop. As soon as I looked away, she would start again! It was the funniest thing.

 How she napped today
She took her ponytail and bow out and was proud of it!

Whew.. sorry this was so long! 

Tomorrow Kinsey will stay with her daddy in the afternoon/evening again while I work my booth!

Kinsey's love and mine,


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