Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The One About School and Sippy Cups!

As I'm sure many of you know, I took a year off at Baylor to finish out my pregnancy and to take care of Kinsey Brynn! It was so hard to see all of my Theta sisters celebrating their last formal and their last crush. As well as see all of my classmates graduate from college and begin their careers as teachers or move on to Grad school! I had many people remind me what a blessing Kinsey is and how God's plan is ultimately better for us than the plan of our own. I wouldn't change being a mom for the world! She is the light of my life and such a joy to spend all of my time with! (same goes with being a wife) I did decide after much debate that it would be better for my family for me to transfer to University of North Texas to finish out my undergraduate degree, and as of today, I am officially a student again! I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety about the big change, but I put it on God's hands. 

I was dealt a very difficult hand of cards this morning while trying to step out of my comfort zone of the "Baylor Bubble". I got stuck in traffic, lost my schedule, went to the wrong building, and was late for my first class. Not to mention my second class was on the opposite side of campus and I only had 10 minutes. I tried to take each event with a grain of salt determined not to let Satan bring me down from pursuing God's plan. I feel called to teach and to serve Him in the classroom, and there was nothing Satan was going to put in my way that would keep from from doing His will. Overall, it was a good day! It felt so good to be back in school with my thinking cap on!

When I got home and was organizing my planner, Kinsey was drinking from her sippy cup! She has had a sippy cup every day for a while now, but never got the concept of tipping it to drink, someone always had to do it for her. Well today she did it! She was sitting down and when I looked back at her, she had laid herself down and was drinking her juice (with water)! I was so proud! 

This is how I found her after I left to go to the bathroom. She had wanted to play with that toy so much but couldn't figure out how to pull up on it, that she just tipped it over... little stinker! :) 

Tomorrow I have class from 5-6:30 so her Nana is coming to watch her! I am so excited she and my mom will each get their own day every week with her! :) 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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