Thursday, September 6, 2012

The One About Kinsey Sitters!

Going to back to school was a hard decision to make after being fortunate enough to stay home with my baby girl all day every day. The only thing that made things a little easier was the fact that I had tons of Kinsey sitters! Michael gets morning duty while I'm in class Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Aunt Ashley and Gama (my mom) get her Tuesday nights and Nana (Michael's mom) and MamMaw (Michael's Grandma) come over Thursday nights. I never have to worry that she's not being taken care of. It is such a relief to know my sweet girl is with people that care about her while I finish my degree! I love looking at my phone and seeing pictures my "sitters" have sent me!

Kinsey loves spending time with her Aunt Ashley, Gama, and Kenna! She even got to take a bath with her cousin Kenna!

Spending time in the kitchen with my Nana and MamMaw!! I love my Jingle Bell!

Kinsey's love and mine,


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