Sunday, August 5, 2012

Her Chariot Awaits

On Saturday we went to Target as a family and Kinsey got to ride in the seat in the front of the cart for the first time! I made sure to bring our cart cover {to protect us from other people's butt germs!} and she loved it!
 The girl is all about her phone these days! :)
 The only picture I have of her looking at me! (little stinker)
 Riding in style.. (what a life she lives)
Hiding herself from the sun!

Today we had pictures taken by the lovely Kindra Woods! After leaving my outfit at home, we got there late, and I forgot one of outfits as well! Ugh! We still got some good pictures, even though she was a little wobblier than normal! Today was the hubs official last day off from work! Things will go back to normal in time for me to start school on the 29th! This week we will go visit our Aunt Ashley and Cousins Kenna and Lindsey, Take our not friend to the airport, and go see our Uncle Drew after his surgery! Oh and we also go to the doctor for stats and shots!

Kinsey's love and mine,


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