Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shots and Ponytails!

Today we went to the doctor for our 6 month check up!! It went so great! (minus the shots part) She sat up and talked to Ms. Donna while she weighed her, and then hammed it up with Dr. Chiniwala!

weight- 14 pounds 6 ounces (10 percentile)
length- 27 inches (75 percentile)
head- 16.75 centimeters (25 percentile)

 Working hard on that Chomper!
Before being weighed and measured!

Her doctor said she is so smart and advanced for her age! She has a little separation anxiety because shes a Momma's girl, but that's to be expected since she stays home with me all day. She is growing just right for her growth curve! She advised me to get some toys that have cause and effect, different textures and different shapes. Now is when she starts absorbing all kinds of information, so reading is important too! She got two shots and cried pretty hard until her Momma picked her up. It's hard to see her cry, but I know she needs them to stay healthy! We go back in October to get our first flu shot! 

Sleepin hard after her shots (yes her feet are in the air..)
After she woke up, I decided to try and give her a ponytail! I had bought some clear ponytails at target today so I sat her down and gave it a try. She has just enough to get a little pebbles ponytail on the top of her head! 
 Sticking her tongue out! (this is the first time she did this)
 Shortly before she pulled her bow out!

Tomorrow we are taking Not Friend to the airport and then to see Ms. Michelle at her Scentsy event! 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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