Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kinsey's First Thanksgiving!

Last week was a crazy week in the Grayson household! I had the week off from school and had all of these things planned with my extra time, but little Miss Kinsey had other plans. She picked up a stomach bug over the weekend and I came home to her in the tub after a major blow out. She ended up running her first fever that night as well at 101.9. She gave me the virus so I was out of commission on Tuesday. We had our first Thanksgiving at our house and included both of our families. There was a total of 22 people and although it was crazy, it was such a great evening!

My sick girl
 Her first outfit on Turkey Day! Her daddy got it for her at the game he went to :)
Only picture I got of her in this outfit. It was too long and she had trouble crawling.
 Kinsey with her Gama and Nana
Kinsey with her favorite person, her Aunt Ah! She loves her almost as much as her mommy and daddy!

I am hoping to post her 10 month update tomorrow! Let's see if it happens.

Kinsey's love and mine,


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