Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I got a little lax on my blogging towards the end of the year. Kinsey is so mobile now, it's hard to keep up! Here is a little update on my sweet girl.

  • She has a new found love for her Daddy! She only wants to be around him when he's home. He was just recently home for 10 days (Paid Vacation and sick) So she got pretty used to him being home. Today he left for work and she sat at the gate saying "dada" for at least a minute or two

  • She is so close to walking it is insane!! Today alone I counted 3 times she took a step or two from the coffee table to the couch or to one of her push toys. It's coming soon I know it!
  •  The girl loves to dance! Any song that comes on the radio or the TV she is shakin her booty to it.

  • She had a blast at Christmas! Surprisingly she was really good at unwrapping presents! The good thing is we can still open boxes for days on end and it's like getting a new toy every day! 

  •  She only has 2 teeth, but she's been working hard on some more. It's kept her up for some nights but she is slowly getting back into good sleeping (thank goodness).

  • Her first Christmas had SNOW!! We were able to "play" in it for a little, until she sat in it and got her butt wet!

 Christmas Morning!
 Passed out after Christmas at Gama's house... driving to Nana and Papa's house
 Playing in the snow!
The death grip she has when he holds her now... there is no putting her down!

It is my hope to get some what caught up before her first birthday... that's in 17 days!! :( This time last year, I was a beached whale so miserable having contractions all the time!! So thankful for my precious little girl and all the joy and laughter (and tears) she brings!

Kinsey's love and mine,


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