Thursday, December 6, 2012

NO NO NO Santa

Today Michael and I took Kinsey to see Santa after eating lunch with Cousin Kenna. Let's just say she doesn't like him one bit! She cried so hard her body was shaking and her heart was racing. Michael ended up sitting with her and she still cried. At least we got her first picture with Santa. I can't wait until next year when she somewhat understands whats going on and who he is. 

 Standing by herself (she does this a lot now)
 Ready to see Santa!! (Standing on her walker... she does this a lot too)

 Eating lunch with Cousin Kenna, Aunt Ah, Mommy, and Daddy
Hating Santa. But that dress was PERFECT for today!! :)

Tomorrow we are going grocery shopping, to hobby lobby to finish birthday crafts, and hanging out because mommy has NO SCHOOL!! :)

Kinsey's love and mine,


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