Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Her Half-Birthday!!

Kinsey is 18 months today!! She is half-way to 2 and is acting like it more and more each day! We went to the Doctor for a little check up and she is growing growing!!

19.6 pounds 32 inches 18.5cm head circumference  

Her doctor was not surprised to hear she is out of her crib and into a toddler bed and was impressed with all of the words she can say! We talked about ways to foster independence without causing multiple tantrums throughout the day! 

 When she was first born we took this picture and it is currently hanging on the wall outside the hospital nursery where she was born. We had to chance to swing by and see it and I had her stand by it to get a picture. This is something I am going to try and do every 6 months from now on!

Sleep: Kinsey sleeps in her toddler bed in her new room upstairs. She loves to watch a little Curious George before bed and always has her Bear, Blanket, and her Pass (Paci). She sleeps about 12 hours at night and is napping for 2 hours at school.

Food: Still won't drink milk. She will only drink Stoneyfield Drinkable yogurt, which can get pricey. Hardly a meat eater unless it's a hot dog or chicken nuggets. She loves bananas, oranges, peas, corn, and "dip dip" (ketchup). 

Clothes: Still teeny tiny!! Depending on the store she wears anywhere from 3-6m to 18m. Mostly small bottoms and longer tops. 

Favorites: She loves Curious George and Doc McStuffins, as well as Minnie Mouse and Sofia the First. Her bear and blanket are with her all the time and she would live with a Pass if I let her. She loves to color (even on my walls!!) and read books. She has grown really fond of her Papa (Michael's dad), but still loves her Nana (his mom) and her Aunt Ashley (my sister). 

Words: She loves to talk and is learning a new word every day. Most times she at least tries to repeat words I say to her and just recently said her own version of her name (Sinsee).

As of now these are the words she can say:
-hot                    -out                        -up (up, up)
-down                -help (elp)              -dog
-yeyo (Yellow)  -Purpuh (purple)    -no no
-uh oh                -more                     -done
-gen (again)       -book                     -outside
-bubbles             -shoes                    -socks
-ya                      -hi                         -bye bye
-off                     -on                        -op (open)
-wa wa (water)   -juice                    -cack (cracker)

-moo                  -duck                     -cack cack (quack quack)
-fench fies (french fries)                  -dip dip (Ketchup)

People she can name:
  • Mama
  • Daddy
  • Nana
  • Papa
  • Ach (Aunt Ashley)
  • Dew (Uncle Drew)
  • Ama (Gama)
  • George (Curious George)
  • MeeMee (Minnie)
  • Doc (Doc McStuffins)
  • Sha (Ms. Shaela)
 She just has the sweetest face! :)
 Never without them!
While unpacking she found all of her bears and blankets (I swap them out every so often so they get equal wear and tear. That way if she loses one, she has others that aren't "new").

Amongst all of the moving chaos I am so thankful to sit down and reflect on these past 18 months with my Sweet Mackenzie Brynn!! She is such a blessing and lights up my life every day! She is continuing to grow and becoming increasingly independent. I look forward to what these next 6 months brings. 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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