Monday, June 9, 2014

Small Moments

There are many days I want to pull my hair out during the "Terrible Two's". Then there are small moments I see a glimpse of my precious baby girl!! In those small moments I am reminded at what an amazing little person she is. Our tantrums and fits only come when I limit her chance to be independent and carefree. 

There is no doubt my daughter dances to the beat of her own drum. She loves the piano, cooks with her daddy and pretends to read to her baby. She has feelings like no other two year old I've seen, her baby is "sad" sometimes and just needs a hug, and when Kinsey is angry she finally has the words (thank you Daniel Tiger) to say "I'm mad... GRRR". Although not the most functional way to express her emotions, she is more than on her way. 

Today has been one of the most rough days of toddlerhood. Little miss came home from our trip to Maryland with a stomach bug. Something about her need to go potty after I told her the rule was to stay seated (we literally were landing in Dallas) that made me pay extra attention to her potty needs. After multiple Yucky Pull-ups and a middle of night wake up (thanks rain!) I realized my sweet girl was not feeling so well. 

While on our weekly trip to Walmart (seriously the best prices), she had a sudden need to "mama hold chooo!" I grabbed her knowing she wasn't herself and she threw up everywhere... I'm talking Pitch Perfect style throw up; in the "audience", all over the floor and me and her. It was terrible. I couldn't decide if I was worried about her, or me, or my phone, or the floor, or the buggy. I was moving fast through fear for my daughter, concern about her MJ (like a true MJ mom), embarrassment as I am covered my in my daughter's vomit, and apathy for the man who ran to my rescue. 

I then went to check out as fast as I could (a whole week's worth of meals in my cart) and then she "has to potty" which I know is code for "mom I just pooped my pants". I'm in panic mode when the lady behind me says "take your time, I've been there". 

I write this not for sympathy or understanding, but to remind myself later on that there is more to toddlerhood than tantrums and fits (something that mom behind me and learned before). There are those small moments I realize she's not a baby anymore and although she really needed me today while throwing up in Walmart, there are many times she doesn't need me as much. AND THAT'S OKAY! Sometimes I need to step back and let her learn to be her own person, and maybe (just maybe) there will be less tantrums and fights. 

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