Sunday, June 1, 2014

Soaking up the Sun!


It's Vacation time!! If you ask me, no man deserves a vacation more than my husband does!!! He spends his time traveling the world and working hard to provide Kinsey and I the best life possible!!!

It's tradition for his family to spend a week or so in Ocean City, Maryland. He did it every summer when he was young, his mom did it when she was young, her mom too. So naturally when Kinsey was big enough, we knew we were going to start the tradition with her too!!! So thankful to see how much has been cleaned and tidied up after the Superstorm Sandy came through and tore up the boardwalk. I remember the heartbreak on my husband's face when he saw his beloved boardwalk torn apart. Thankfully it's back to looking good as new!! 

 Just a girl and her sand toys!! She's been bugging me to use these toys for about a week!!
 Then we get to the sand and she didn't like it..... not one to love dirt!!!
 Getting a little smile :)
Love my little family!!! 

We went on the Boardwalk the first night to walk around and get some jackets, and the girl couldn't help but play "sosser" with her dad and uncles!!! 

Our First day was spent traveling but we were still able to get her in the sand. Yesterday we spent moving over to our condo and resting because it was kinda chilly!! Today however.....

She had a BLAST!!!!

 She played football with her dad and uncles (think she's gonna like sports!?)
The water was freezing!!! But she didn't care! She loved the waves and saying "here it comes!!!" and jumping!!
She loved crawling and climbing in this little whole her daddy made her! Gone is her dislike of sand!!

Until Tomorrow! :) 


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