Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feet are Friends not Food!!

My sweet Kinsey Brynn is OBSESSED with her feet!! Every chance she gets her feet are in her mouth or in her hands! I just know she is going to be rolling over any day now!
Here she is the first day she did it! May 18th while babysitting my little stinker found her feet!
She looks so proud of herself here! :) Both hands on one foot!
This is the day she learned she can put her foot in her mouth! Now I always know she's hungry because she starts to try and eat her foot! This little one is so ready for big girl food!

I have to admit I am kinda tickled by this new "trick" she has learned. Feet are always there to occupy her if there is no toy within reach! She is such a quick learner too! Once she figured it out, there was no turning back!

Kinsey's love and mine,

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