Wednesday, October 17, 2012

9 Month Update!!

Today my baby turned 9 months old!! She has officially been outside of my belly as long as she was inside my belly!! I can't believe she is already 9 months old! It's been an amazing 9 months, I can't wait to see what this next month brings!

Weight- 15 pounds 4 1/2 ounces
Length- 28 inches

She is still really tall for her age at 75% and tiny at 4% for weight. She went down from 10%-4% but her doctor isn't worried. Now that she is crawling, it will be harder for her to put weight on. I started trying to nurse her more to get her more calories during the day. She is just built exactly like her daddy! Long and Lean!

Sleep: I decided to sleep train Kinsey this month. I don't believe in Cry it Out, so we did our own modified version. After nursing her, I laid her down and put her seahorse on. Any time she would really cry (not her fake drama cry) I would go up there and soothe her. It only took 50 minutes. I was prepared to do this for multiple nights, but it only took one! She no longer nurses at night and if she gets up she can find her paci on her own and goes right back to sleep. She naps 2-3 times a day for about 30-45 minutes each. Some times she will nap longer, but it is very rare.

Food: She eats stage 2 foods 3 times a day. She loves to snack on puffs, yogurt melts, cheese crunchies, grapes, cheese, watermelon, and any other fruit. I have recently started giving her anything I am eating. She loves eating like a big girl! She nurses about 4-5 times a day, but really can nurse whenever she wants. Kinsey still LOVES to drink from her sippy cup!

Firsts: This month Kinsey Crawled, pulled up, got her first tooth, went to her first football game, had her first night time babysitter (that actually laid her down), went to Austin, took a 2.5 hour nap, and took our first girls road trip. It was a very big month!

Clothes: Tonight is the last night of 6 month Pajamas! They are getting too short and she tried to take them off tonight! Still in 6 month clothes, that are big in the waist, but fit in length for now. I have a feeling we will need to go to 9 months soon for length, but we will see. It is getting pretty hard to get clothes for her because she is so tiny! Her 3 months clothes fit in her waist, but are too short on her. I plan on going through her clothes this weekend. 

 My last picture Pregnant! The night I went to the hospital. Had I known I would have done one last side pic!
 Just minutes old!!
 At her 9 month Check up!!
 Eating peas and mac and cheese!!
Sleepin like a big girl!!

Tomorrow Daddy is off work so we are spending the day together as a family! :)

Kinsey's love and mine,


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