Saturday, October 20, 2012

The One About The Park!!

Today it was BEAUTIFUL outside!! It was nice and cool in the morning and then bright and sunny in the afternoon! It was a little windy, but it made for a great day outside! I decided to take Kinsey to the park for the first time as a big girl! {she went when she was real little, but I just sat her in the swing} I pushed her in the swing and she loved it!! My sister and her friend Taylor joined us and we all had a great day!!

 Loving being outside!
 Taking a snack/juice break
 Crinkle Nose!!
 Check out her tooth!!!
 She loves her cousin Kena
 Her Aunt Ah!
 Telling Mya "Don't touch my aunt!"
Silly girl!
 Kenna and her friend Tayana
 Mya (Taylor's daughter) 8 months
 Jayden (Taylor's son) 3 years

We had such a great day at the park!! Kinsey was exhausted and has been sleeping since 7:25!! Tomorrow we are taking fall pictures with Ms. Kindra!! :) 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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