Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kinsey's first Halloween!

Well today I learned that things don't always go as planned when it comes to holidays and having an infant. Especially one that thinks she is already two! We made last minute plans to have everyone come to our house rather then dragging her around to see all of our family. After frantically making the house presentable and gathering all of the things we needed, family came over and we had a blast. Although it was crazy and hectic and full of Type A Mommas (love them all), it was a great first Halloween for Kinsey. She dressed up as a lady bug and her cousin Kenna was a witch! We took her to a few houses on our street and she smiled at them and even tried to share her soggy wet hands she'd been chewing on. I can't wait to see what next year is like! 

 Day 1 She pulls up on everything!!
 Her shirt says "Daddy is Under my Spell"
 Day 2 in her Halloween Smock!
Day 3 Halloween!! 
 Cousin Kenna
 My two favorite girls!!

Next we are planning to do Thanksgiving at our house!! It is going to be quite an evening! 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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