Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The One About Our Girls Trip!!

The weekend of Sept. 22 -23, Kinsey and I took a little girl's trip to Austin and Waco to see some good friends of mine! 

Saturday we drove to Austin to see our friends Annie and Katie! Katie and I were best friends at Baylor and ended up getting married a week apart, our babies were due 2 weeks apart and both girls have names that end in the same sound. Well little miss Annie Lin, decided to come a week late, and Kinsey Brynn came a week early. They ended up being almost exactly 12 hours apart! Annie was born on January 16, 2012 at 10:19pm and Kinsey was born January 17, 2012 at 10:13am. Even though they were born so close together, the girls are so different! Annie is very mobile and is pulling up on everything. Kinsey talks all the time and likes to investigate and figure things out. It is so cool being able to talk to my best friend about our daughters!!! We've gotten them together before, but they were only about 4 months old, so this time was much more fun!

 The girls the first time they met!
 She is not pulling her hair, but it looks that way! :)
 Annie Lin
 Taking a bath!
 Both girls with bows in their hair and toys in their mouths!
 Sweet Girls!
Kinsey Brynn

Having a best friend with a baby the same age has really been a blessing! We texted each other during our labors, stayed up together when nursing late at night, and exchange stats at each well baby check up! I can't wait for these girls to grow up together and possibly become Baylor Thetas like their mommas! Next time they see each other will probably be around their 1st birthdays!!

On Sunday Kinsey and I packed up and headed to Waco for a friend of mine's baby shower! Audra was almost 37 weeks at the time, and chose to keep her baby's gender a secret! She is so much stronger than I was! I had to know as soon as I could. Her and her husband are going to make great parents and I can't wait for her to join the mommy club! It is so awesome that more of my friends are 
 becoming mommies!! 

Then we met up with another best friend of mine, Tandra! She has a little girl named Tynlea who is almost a full year older than Kinsey. I was there for the birth of Tynlea (in the waiting room) and have loved seeing her grow up! It was so cute to see how Kinsey interacted with Tynlea while we were there! 

The Girls Playing together!

It was so nice to be able to see some good friends of mine! It is hard being here in Dallas while my friends are in different cities. Even though I am making new friends at school, I still miss my old friends! 

Kinsey's love and mine,


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